Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quick Fundraiser: Spirit Buttons


This fundraiser started to come together a few weeks ago. Our athletic booster club started having a really great apparel booth at our home football games. Not only have they had great athletic apparel such as football shirts and hats but general school spirit items. They have everything from sweatshirts to lanyards to coffee travel mugs and fantastic polo shirts. I have been buying stuff up from them nearly every week. Bryan, the parent who has been coordinating this effort had one of my favorite items that we have had at our school in a long time....a button celebrating our school's 40th Homecoming. They gave them out at the football game and I thought it was a great way to celebrate this event. It was so much fun seeing all different Santa Teresa folks sporting these spirit buttons both at the game and now weeks later that it really got me thinking about creating my own button 

Then we got our band apparel for the year and one of my booster volunteers, Robin, who is in my office nearly daily working on this that and the other commented on how much she liked the fleur di lis that our "graphic artist" and band alumni Allison created for this year's marching band show shirts. I though of combining Bryan's button idea with Allison's art work and create a spirit item. 

I contacted Bryan's button vendor and got fantastic pricing for 500 buttons and its even a local company (something I LOVE supporting). I sent them the artwork (which was in a different color scheme) and they sent us back the above images. I did select option #3 for the button but its great to know that we could do some other versions at a later time. At the consultation of my students I decided not to add any text that way they would be timeless and not group specific broadening our sales base across campus. 

The pricing is $.93 + tax for 200 buttons or $.58 + tax for 500 buttons. I did have to pay a $65 rush fee because I wanted to have them done in time for our Championships Marching Band performance (I wanted this item in time for this big event so all of our supporters could sport these sweet buttons at championships). 

With tax and the rush fee the price difference between 500 buttons and 250 buttons was only $62.53 so the booster club approved purchasing 500 buttons. The price per button with the rush fee and tax ended up being $.76 per button. We are going to sell them for $3 each and are looking at a profit of $1119.63. For a fundraiser that took me less than an hour to come up with and process that's not bad at all. Plus I love when we can create an item that promotes our school program and allows folks to share their pride in our organization. We can sell the buttons, if we have extras we can give them to incoming freshmen as a welcome gift at some point, and we can even add a "volunteer" sticker to them and use some of them as name tags for our festival volunteers later this year :)

Can't go wrong with a button! What are you going to put on your spirit button?

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