Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Day in the Life of Work to Rule....a rant from a LBD

This started out as a facebook status update. I decided it should just go on the blog.

A Day in the Life of Work to Rule....a Rant from a Lady Band Director (aka LBD)

Reflections on Day 4 of Work To Rule.

I am not very good at work to rule. Ok that's not entirely true....I'm working on being good at aspects of it. I only did ST work (no CMEA emails, or non ST band specific emails). No personal texts or phone calls (which sucks because of the hours I keep. I really should call my doctor and get in to see him since I haven't been feeling all that hot).

 I tried to stay focused during my 1 hour prep and prioritize the week (which was hard considering the internet doesn't really work at ST) and it was very frustrating. I left at lunch and took my duty free break at my house and returned for Jazz Band at 2pm. During my "lunch" I did relax and eat and try to catch up on personal stuff (CMEA stuff, answering personal emails etc). Then I did some work because....well the internet works at my house and doesn't at my job.

Finally I taught jazz band and copied stuff right after school until my contract ended at 3:30pm. By that time I was playing with flute choir....because I am a member (I can't just call work to rule on them...if I am IN that group).

Then I came home and did the bus list for the competition because if I called "work to rule" and didn't do it tonight the only person who it would hurt would be me tomorrow morning when I had to do it at the crack of dawn before practice and walk across campus and print it because I don't have a printer in my office and have to print to the copy machine which often takes forever because the internet doesn't work at my job!

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