Sunday, February 20, 2011

The tired band director

This band director is tired from an AMAZING mega conference. I made it home safely and am enjoying a leisurely evening at home watching a movie I was told I had to see as a young new blogger...."Julie & Julia". It is just what I needed to see for a little blogging inspiration (as if the conference wasn't inspirational enough).

I will be wrapping up the conference and sharing all of the exciting things that are going to come from the thrifty networking at the mega conference. Networking is at the heart of being thrifty.

If we met up at the conference I am hoping that you would consider participating in my thrifty networking by joining the blog or follow me on twitter. Even better join the fun and add a comment. Stop by and be heard! ITS FREE!!!! The more the merrier!

I'm getting ready this week to put together a few conference proposals for the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic next week. I have a few ideas about what I might want to share but am open to suggestions.

So far its either been suggested to me that I consider presenting on or I have been thinking about presenting in the following areas:

-Integrating existing improvisation materials (Abersold books etc) into the band curriculum to fulfill the improvisation national standards.
-Space management/remodeling for the band classroom
-Percussion management/suggestions/strategies etc (naturally on a thrifty budget and FYI if you don't know I'm a percussionist not a sousaphone player).

Suggestions??????? What do you want to see the thrifty band director talk about??? Midwest needs some fun and killer sessions next year.


  1. recruiting incoming parents to support the band!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Marty. That might be really good considering we could model and share all of the stuff that we are going to be doing in the coming weeks!