Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thrifty Updates

I will be in Fresno next week for the CALIFORNIA ALL STATE MUSIC EDUCATION CONFERENCE. It's California's first attempt at trying not to have too many music education conferences and to bring California Band Director's Association together with California Music Educator's Association under one beautiful roof at the luxurious (cough cough) Radisson Inn in Downtown Fresno. I'll be working the conference with the Special Projects Crew because that's the thrifty way to attend a conference if you and your district are really too broke to afford to go!

While I'm not working you can find me promoting two of my fav fundraisers that very much have my thrifty stamp of approval. In the days leading up to next week's conference I will be profiling both of these fine companies.

We Care Coffee


RAV Embroidery & Screen Printing

After my frustrating experience with the self-published-composer-who-shall-remain-nameless I had a great interaction today with another "younger" but extremely talented band composer, Steven Bryant. I am planning on playing his fabulous work "Dusk" with my Wind Ensemble at CMEA Band Festival this year. When I got the music I became very confused with the inclusion of string parts & wind parts and thought this might be the orchestra version and it might be something hip and new that I'm not familiar with (like say optional strings). So I emailed the composer because he said to in the score, if I had any questions. He got back to me IN LESS THAN AN HOUR. He remembered me (without prompting) from his time in California a few years back and we chatted back and forth throughout the evening. I'm on a search for some music for my Symphonic Band he made a few suggestions. While it might work programming wise right now, I most certainly will be playing more of STEVEN BRYANT'S MUSIC soon :)

If you happen to be at the fine Texas Music Educator's Convention go track him down and if you are not familiar with his music please take a listen as his music is 5 stars. I am particularly a fan of his work "Ecstatic Waters".

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