Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What will you find here?

What will you find here? Savvy commentary about my day to day life as a high school band director. I will mostly be sharing information regarding how I afford to run my band program through creative efforts. I work hard to find great fundraisers that provide products that folks actually want with a pay out that makes it worth our effort. I find a variety of activities that parents and students can do (instead of sell) to make money, again that's worth their time. My goal is to share with you and for my readers ultimately to share with us.

What is to come? A new description of my new library system that we are putting together. Its going to be pretty sweet when its all done.

Features on three of my favorite fundraisers! Welcome to the thrifty band director...I hope you enjoy!


  1. Do you participate in eScrip or SaveMart SHARES? All of your parents shop for groceries each month, or maybe more than that. We've actually earned a lot through those two programs--and what's good is, even when they graduate, the cards are always good never expire, and can be used anywhere--so you can send these to family members and friends across the nation to use.

  2. WE just start escript this month and I will be profiling that fundraiser once we have a little bit more experience with it. We do a variety of savings cards with various grocers. More to come thanks Matt!