Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The making of the sub plan video

So I had this genius plan to make a short DVD that set up each of the theory worksheets I wanted to set up for my students to complete while I'm gone on Friday at the local music education conference (CMEA). It was on my to-do list to do all week long....

And then this week happened. It has been absolutely nuts. I usually run every day (run/walk). Its my break from the craziness of the school day. Today I did not get out to the track.

Tuesday night I selected the music theory lessons.

Today (Wednesday) I sat down at 5:00pm to have my hair cut and sketched out a rough draft on a notepad of my lesson plans.

I realized in the craziness that I had no one to video tape me and I figured I would probably be too tired tonight to want to actually video tape myself teaching after such a long day.

So I made slides out (literally drew them because it was faster than looking for images online or making stuff in Sibelius). I just drew out examples, scanned them in, saved them to my desktop by class and then imported them in imovie.

The rest remains to be seen....this is not going to be a high budget film...

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