Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What is a summer for this LBD like?

For the last months I have been thinking "I really should blog about that" or I have been traveling and somebody brings up my blog. Well today I was getting cracking on a story I'm going to run and as I was going through pictures for that story and started scrolling through my photo stream of summer pictures which made me smile. Even though I had a super busy and often stressful summer...I also did some super awesome things. In was a pretty fun summer for the Lady Band Director. 

We went to New Orleans on Spring Break with students from our band program. It was an AMAZING trip and our trip leader Pam and our travel agent Marie Miller from Tuned to Travel  were fantastic. 

On the Swamp Tour
Here's some shots with our bling from the Heritage Music Festival which was also a lot of fun. The first picture is of myself with Tony DeRose, our esteemed guitar teacher. The rest is self explanatory.

After New Orleans it was back to school to finish out the year. We hosted Music in the Parks Festivals, played many a concert, and even took a pep band to the elementary school 5k "Slug Run". Thrifty Band Director Tip: If you want to build a fundraising base in your community...have a community presence by supporting other events in your community. Plus its a good experience for your students! 

Slug Run

Freshmen Band Clarinets pre-Spring Concert, #selfieswithamy

Ukulele Ensemble back stage before our awards show performance.

Music in the Parks backstage trophy assembly at Great America.
Chris Kaldy aka one of the thrifty band directors besties and partner in music ed crime (and fundraising).
He loves trophies as much as I do. 
Summer in the City, San Jose State University
Summer Music Camp 2014

After school was out and all the music festivals were over I took some time off and also attended a fabulous conducting workshop at Michigan State University. I then quickly jumped back in it and worked as the Camp Director for the Summer in the City Music Camp at San Jose State University. 

Mr. Grantham has had enough!
Also one of the band directors the
thrifty band director might be spotted
with from time to time.
Tiny trumpet?

Brass Ensemble

Then it was even more time off for vacationing and summer fun that was NOT band directing. After that was done it was back into the 2014 year with the ST Marching Band Camp! 
ST Drumline with Keelan

Relaxing and playing uke

We also had some fun going flute shopping a few weeks ago for a new flute for one of my students. The folks at West Valley Music were fantastic and Carrie got a new flute!

Finally it was off to the homeland to attend the Oregon/Michigan State Football Game and start to bring summer to a close (even though we had already started school). I love both schools but was glad that UO won (naturally). 
At the game with my friend Judy! She's a secretary and the thrifty band director advises that you ALWAYS become best friends with your secretary! 
Happy End of Summer everyone! I sure hope it was a great one!

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