Saturday, June 2, 2012

Part time elementary music gig Job Posting

The Indigo Band, STHS Playathon March 2012
Wow I sure have been absent from the blogging this year....I must have been busy being a thrifty band director this school year or something (hahahaha). Well summer is here which means I will be back at the blogging thing. Today I am using the blog to share information. Feel free to share with folks you might know who might be interested.

As you may or may not know I took on ANOTHER gig this year in addition to being the Director of Bands at Santa Teresa HS AND the Summer in the City Camp Director at San Jose State University. My other gig is being the band director to 17 charming beginning band students at the Indigo Program, a K-8 school of choice in my elementary feeder district just blocks from my campus at STHS.

And it has been amazing year! But enough about me...the title of this blog says "part time elementary music gig job posting".

Indigo is a rare school in many ways. The school and the PTA believe in offering music and art to the students and pay for this. So we are looking for someone to teach K-5 music. You only see the students once a week and you are paid hourly (one rate for credential one rate for non-credentialed). You have a classroom and LOTS of supplies (Orff instruments, drums etc). You are supported for your creativity and flexibility. The program has TONS of room for growth. We are looking for someone to be a team player in our positive discipline/whole child curriculum model (which for me has truly been a joy to embrace) and I have loved every minute of working with these teachers and students. We do want someone to bring structured curriculum with the use of our Orff instruments, singing, teaching of basic music skills (music notation etc). Below is the info I received from the school site. If you know someone who lives in the South Bay Area who might be interested in the gig forward this to them. If you are interested CONTACT ME!!!

We are looking for someone to teach 9 classes from kinder to fifth at 5 ¾ hours per week of direct instruction.  Each class gets 30 minutes of prep time to set up and take down.  Non-credential rate is $25 per hour credential rate is $42 per hour.  Hours will between 8:30 AM and 11:50 AM.
Music Vision Statement
Music at Indigo will provide your student with a variety of constructivist experiences including exposure to different rhythm instruments, movement, music styles and cultures.  The Orff method of music instruction is our primary methodology. This is integrated with classroom instruction using whole, small, and cooperative learning groups.  Students are encouraged to support each other in their effort to explore and create in a student lead, teacher supported environment.  Your child is encouraged to participate in public, community performances.

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