Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thrifty Find of the Day-Band Shoppe

Sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time. I needed to order one drum major jacket. We have been using the "in stock" Insignia Marching band Jacket as our drum major uniform for several years now from the Band Shoppe. This year, as I will be profiling soon, we have made new sashes and gauntlets to add some "spice" our rather outdated uniforms. As you may remember, if you are following the blog, we purchased this material with two awesome coupons from Jo-Ann fabrics and saved $750 on the fabric for these uniform alterations.

Today is a lesson in READING when you go on a website. I needed to purchase one jacket and they are $99.95. Monday night I was going to order the jacket online. I didn't even read the main page I just typed in the info for the jacket in the search feature and it popped up. It was the same price as last year "$99.95" I ended up NOT ordering it that night because I realized I needed buttons for them as well and didn't know exactly which ones to order without looking at the jackets I had. So I waited until this morning.

This morning I was much more rested. I go on their website and actually READ the gigantic box in the middle of the home page that says "Up to 90% off Blow Out Prices at the Outlet Store". Well in the picture on the main page I see the jacket I need so I think "hey maybe the jacket I need is onsale". So I click on the box and am taken to the outlet store. Low and behold our jacket is there (and they site actually tells me there are only 6 left at the outlet price). So I purchase it because its "$29.95".

Now that is I double check something. I go up to the top of the screen and I search for the jacket on the website. Up its still listed at $99.95. In order to get the outlet deal you have to click on the main page of the website!

Sometimes reading the fine print, or in this case the GIGANTIC RED LETTERING on the main page helps!

Thrifty find of the day saved $73.96.

Now that is thrifty!

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