Sunday, March 13, 2011

Midwest Proposals-Feedback Needed

So the Midwest Proposals are due Friday. I'm trying to have mine done Wednesday.

Here are the three that I'm thinking of submitting
A Thrifty Approach to Running Your Program-Tips & Suggestions to be successful on a budget!
It could also be called "Thrifty Tips for Your Music Program" Suggestions on how to be successful on a budget!
This clinic will summarize sections of my blog "The Thrifty Band Director" as well as discuss additional suggestions of ways that music teachers can run their programs on a budget. While specific fundraisers and products will not be discussed this session will include tips on how to evaluate your fundraisers (for example is the amount of work put into a fundraiser worth the how much revenue the fundraiser brings in). The session will talk about easy and free ways to market your program's concerts, fundraising events, etc. and will also touch on the topic of social media (since its free). 
Other ideas or suggestions for this one? They are all a work in progress....

Another one would be all my tricks and suggestions for running working with your percussion section. 
How do you get your percussion section to do that? 25 tips on how to improve your percussion section. 
My friend Mike suggested these topics:
the bare necessities for a fully functioning section
                             - percussion notation (is there a reason you're at the bottom?)
                            -resources for finding out answers to questions like "what is the proper technique for triangle"
          -what does a percussion section need from a conductor/director to succeed.  
-and cymbal felts will always disappear (there are some other things but these are like reeds or the socks that come out of the dryer and one always goes missing, thanks for the help Reno). 
And social media and education :)
Things like how to set up your facebook and concert advertsing? Twitter etc....
Thoughts everyone ? 

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